About Us

STUDIO SERVICES LA is a wardrobe rental house specializing in designer, vintage designer and unique pieces including shoes and accessories.  STUDIO SERVICES LA is designed with the wardrobe stylist and production teams in mind to keep their shoot budgets in perspective.  We will work with each individual client to make sure their production needs are met.
STUDIO SERVICES LA: We are veterans in the fashion & wardrobe industry since 2010.  We have created a successful businesses where our passion has always been wardrobe and collecting great pieces that are wearable and elegant. Sharing our passion along with our knowledgeable team gives the industry leaders & stylists an abundance of amazing choices. We provide top designer looks along with unique one of a kind pieces for multiple production needs. 



All industry rental standards will apply:  Agreed upon time of rental will be noted on the contract.  All lost, damaged, altered or stolen items will be charged at what we deem the retail value to be.

    • An obligatory credit card shall remain on file at all times.

  • Each item will be photographed as per category making it easier for stylists to do their pull prior to an appointment/shoot and items will be waiting for them upon arrival or messenger pickup (delivery available when possible in the LA area, with an additional fee).

  • Items may be used for photo shoots, videos, commercials, advertising, editorial, celebrity appearances and on rare occasions personal rentals will be considered.