1. Terms of Rental Time must be chosen/negotiated prior to all rentals (Normal rental time is 7 days).  Available to proven industry professionals by appointment only. 

2. All Rentals must be returned on time or will be charged a daily rate for each addition day, at a pro-rated cost of  30% per day of the total rental invoice

3. A valid Credit Card must be submitted/on file for all rentals, even if paying in cash. The Card will be charged for any lost, stolen, damaged, altered or late returns. This will include charges for any necessary cleaning, repairs and messengering costs.

4. FedEx is the only form of shipping used if necessary, TBC STUDIO SERVICES must have the FedEx account number of the client on file. We will not FedEx on our account.

5. Any damaged, altered, stolen or lost articles will be billed at 3 times full retail value that we deem reasonable for each item (some items are one of a kind and irreplaceable when damaged or lost – retail value to be reflected on the rental invoice)

6. As the cardholder making payment you authorize TBC STUDIO SERVICES and/or it’s affiliated company to charge your card for all rentals, messengers, dry-cleaning, late fees, lost items, damaged or altered items upon renting. Future rentals must be confirmed via email or through the website NO verbal agreements.  Some particular rentals may place a hold on the credit card for the items full value until items are returned in the same order as sent out.

7. Rental Form must be completed in it’s entirety with TERMS box checked off before renting can commence

8. Rental Fee is due at time of taking the wardrobe, no exceptions.